Sunday, May 25, 2008

9641: conspiracy theories

My main problem with the big conspiracy theories like the fake moon landing and all the 9/11 ones is the lack of a good motive. Like a detective, finding the motives are the key.

Why would any group organize and collaborate something as complicated as the WTC's and the pentagon being hit?

Many people assume it's the US, but since nothing has been proven we have to look at other options. Who would benefit from destroying those buildings, and why would it be so complex and elaborate?

What if a different group set the whole thing up to build an anti-Muslim attitude in North America? Before 9.11, I, like many other people seen the Muslim religion as just another religion. Sure, they did some crazy shit in Jerusalem, but all three sides have been fighting back and forth over that silly land for thousands of years.

It's like some ridiculous 3 way RTS

After 9/11, it brought the western world in to that game. Theres now this huge anti-Muslim sentiment around, even after 7 years. Maybe that was the whole motive of the 9/11 attacks, maybe a 3rd party staged the attack to get us involved in this conflict.

It makes a lot more sense then the USA planning it themselves. The government is sloppy and unorganized.

Although, there doesn't seem to be a plausible scenario where there was a conspiracy and the US wasn't involved in some manner.

If there was any US government workers involved, I just don't see it being very likely that that kind of information wouldn't leak out to the public, especially in the future when the people involved are on their death beds.

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