Thursday, May 28, 2009

random thoughts

Wouldn't it be cool if one day God came down to Earth and someone asked, "hey man, where did you come from?"

Wouldn't it be funny if he responded, "Oh, well, I'm the one that's actually a product of random evolution."

and after a while of contemplation, the scientists are all like, "Cool, can we study it?"

"That's why I made you"

and the religious people are all like, "holy shit." and then stop and consider the fact that they said the lords name in vain and God's looking at them like, "why the hell would I care about what kind of noise comes out of your mouth."

ok, so this is a bunch of random thoughts combined.

I was thinking to myself one time, about AI and creation and if you wanted to make something more intelligent then you, or you wanted something better... or evolved, you could make the AI compete against each other over and over again.

Like, what if God made evolution so he could think?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

game talk

So I've been playing a lot of TF2 lately. They recently released an update that replaces the snipers rifle with a bow and arrow.

When I was a kid, I used to have a couple bows, one was a traditional long bow, the other a compound bow. I remember being proud of my abilities and showing them off at camp. I wonder where those bow's are now.

Anyways, in the video game, it works really well, you want to charge up your shots to full, but just like in real life, if you hold the draw string for too long, it can hamper your accuracy. So you want to be able to encounter your enemies at the right time.

I think the most fun that I've had with it is taking out other snipers that still use the old sniper rifle. You have to be very quick, but the results of pinning a sniper's head to the wall is incredibly gratifying.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten thousand and one

So I've been using my dad's old beater truck for the past little while. I haven't paid my income tax for some time so they cut off my bank account. Now I'm getting letters from the bank telling me I need to make payments I can't afford. I asked to get a loan extension but they kept giving me the work around. After I lost my truck, I lost all my collateral, so they suggested I get a new vehicle. My dad bought an old Toyota Tacoma from someone in Hadashville and wants me to take a look at it, so I'm going out there today and will probably buy it. I can't use his truck forever and well, it has almost half a million kilometers on it, so it can't last much longer.

I'm going to have to find a new place to live. I really like my apartment, and the pool should open up soon, but these are luxuries that I really haven't been working hard enough for. These were things that I could afford when I had a double income and was putting in a lot of hours. I don't know why I let myself get to this place, but I'm trying to get out of it.

Well, I'm off to work. :P

Monday, May 11, 2009


So, I'm 10,000 days old today. I didn't complete any of my goals :(

Since I started writing this blog, my wife left me and I lost my truck. I should write a country song.

But, after stumbling on the FMylife site, I can't help but feel disgusted at every single person that has to whine about the tiniest little things.

So, I try to remain positive.

I guess I should start a new blog, call it 20,000 days or something.

Maybe a billion seconds?

I was planning on doing a lot more writing, but I guess, with my current situation, it's hard to write anything without sounding like one of those whiners from that fmylife site.

I've been really depressed and I'm trying to get out of it.

Yesterday, I went for a good long bike ride. I checked out Kings park where most of the good trails were flooded over. A girl smiled at me, which was nice. I haven't had a girlfriend for a while now. I kinda just gave up.


My cat can be such a bitch. She likes to sit on my lap when I'm on the computer but if I talk, laugh or type too much, she freaks out and attacks me.

She's like, "Pet me or die human!"

She's dragging her toy around right now, that means she wants to play fetch. I used to have a cat named Lynx. One day, I threw a cat toy and he brought it back, so I gave him a treat and that's how he learned how to play fetch, it was really unintended and coincidental. When we got Cinder, the cat I have now, I taught her how to jump on a pedestal on command. This was very easy, I used the words, "up, up, up" as the command words, and started with holding a treat over the chair. I did this every day, but got further and further back. Now, I just have to point, and tell her and she'll do it. Although, sometimes she just jumps up on whatever, and look at me like, "is this good enough?"

So, after I taught her how to do that, I thought I'd try to teach her how to play fetch. This was a lot harder then with Lynx, I remember showing her how to do it, and trying all sorts of different things. To get her to do it, I had to get her playing with the toy first. I remember the first time she brought it back, we had some friends over and I was telling them that I'm not sure if she'll ever do it. Then, in front of them, she brought it back for the first time. It was pretty cool.

The apartment we were living at the time didn't allow pets and we were trying to get away with having her with no one noticing. One day, they found out, and we had to send her to Amanda's aunt's for a while. When we moved to the apartment I'm living in now, Cinder forgot how to play fetch and I had to teach her all over again. Eventually she remembered and now, if she wants to play, she'll drag it to where I usually throw it, and then bring it back again, like she's just going through the motions.