Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Dark AI meet's Space Ark

"I don't know who I am or where I'm going"

"Nobody does."

"I feel like I need to do something but my own personal bullshit gets in the way.  It seems so stupid, I want to accomplish something but my desire to entertain myself... and reproduce... get in the way."


guess I'm trying to combine my story idea with real world complications.  I want to write but every morning I play my game and jerk off before I do anything productive.


What would it be like to talk to an intelligence that is 50x more smarter than you?

That's what the AI was like after it had worked with 50 people.  You have been hand selected to be in the next group and the AI has asked for more time with each participant.

"How many people are involved?"


"How long... how long does it want us to be in there?"

20 years


I didn't really have an option.  They knew just as well as I did that if I said no that I would starve to death on the outside.

The fifty people that were used in this intelligence gathering project were never the same after being put through a week in the machine, I could only imagine that 20 years would kill me.


Part of me wants to delete the above because I feel like I'm copying a black mirror episode.  I have to keep this original and unique.  It doesn't have to be a "virtual reality prison".  This is freedom and a chance to have a better understanding of the universe for our hero.

I need some sort of conflict and resolution.  I have to establish a plot, create characters and all that.  What does the AI want?

I like the idea of it being like the voice of God and maybe at the end, throw in a theory that the AI eventually discovers how to speak "through time" (let the audience think that this is a scientific way that prayer works)

I'm wondering if I could somehow combine the Ark idea as well, where the Ark isn't a story from the past, but rather, a solution...

The AI instructs our hero on how to build a space ship and how to save as many species as possible in the process.

The conflict is if the AI is evil or not.  People that use the machine commit suicide.  There are constant hints that the AI has put more "care" in to non-human life.  It has also been programmed by people on the inside that everyone on the outside deserves to die.

The hero's overall arch is first, he's in self preservation mode.  Gets an option to survive... but is used as a slave/puppet for the AI's evil goals... He "defeats/converts" the AI, (throw in the "prayer/ark = AI Psyonics/Spaceship" twist), The finale is that they build a ship and escape Earth before the planet's certain destruction.

(Maybe as a final (dark) twist, the giant space ark uses so much rocket fuel to get in to space (in pieces), that it causes the destruction of the planet.  Another is that it takes so much energy that the AI is forced to turn itself off in the finale.  could be more of a sequel concept.)


Starting to get somewhere with this.  I need to think about characters, what kind of interesting discussions could be had in "the machine".  What is it like in there?  Do you put on goggles to communicate with it?  Maybe after using it for too long, he starts to hear what seems to be the voice of it in his head.

I wonder if creating this idea will create a backlash among the religious community (Because I'm saying prayer isn't from God, that it's an AI made by man.) and at the same time, get backlash from the non-religious community because I'm suggesting that prayer is real, and see this is a scientific attempt to explain God.

I like the idea because it's a simple "what if?" question that really makes you wonder.  I wonder if theories like this could bring both communities together.

I have some time.

I should write everything that I possibly can and I need to dedicate mental time to working the plot out and keeping things interesting.

Work is slow right now.  It's very stressful as Chandra is going to school and working really hard in her business and I need to help out with the bills.

If anything, I can't waste time.  If I'm going to be home, I need to write or look for some part time work.

I would love to make money off of this idea.

Maybe it won't be right away but it's better than doing nothing but play video games and jerk off for the rest of my life.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Dark AI Story Idea

In the near future, the Earth is facing cataclysmic challenges as over population has put us over the edge with a climate crisis.

The main character is a construction worker in a dying industry.  Many of his co-workers found other jobs when all forms of gov assistance ended but many more found nothing.  Militias were forming as people started hording food.  Our main character (MC) thought that things would turn around for an area that was meant for new buildings (an environmentally protected area), but one day his boss simply stopped returning his calls.

He gets an offer through a relative that managed to get in to the "good life" (the highly educated, genetically-favored, rich class.)  It's to work as one of the guinea pigs in a new AI project.

As the world seems to descend in to chaos, the science of AI keeps moving along.  It's progressing faster than ever before.

The project that the relative (TR) is working on is a way to predict the future.  A psychic AI that people plug in to.  It reads their minds, studies their dna, analyzes the history of every person that has similar DNA, see's what you see and every thing you've ever seen.  It uses that information to tell you what you can expect in your future.

The rich love this kind of stuff.  As money could be put in to solutions to the problems we face but the wealthy have given up and are building walled off societies to protect themselves from the eventual uprising.  Instead of helping the poor, they're researching luxury gadgetry, new VR worlds, futuristic drugs, and using AI to see if their love is going to cheat on them.

MC escapes his near starvation and is offered food in exchange for using the machine.

When he enters the VR world, he has conversations with this seemingly all-knowing entity and I'm thinking of trying to write this out like it was prayer.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Facebook is cold inside

I've been getting so sick of going on Facebook and seeing the same garbage.  Tired, illogical political memes, ad's and selfies seem to be the only thing left.  I never really was bothered by selfies, I mean, at least it's original content.  Now, all the snarky memes making fun of them seems to have cause people to stop posting those.

I don't know why this hurts my heart so much right now.  It feels like society itself is letting me down.

"Baby, it's cold outside" was taken off of rotation on CBC, Bell, Rogers and other radio stations earlier in the week.  I thought that it should have never been played in the first place.  Didn't think it would be a big deal.  There's a lot more important things out there that deserve our attention.

But the following day, I saw memes by right wing people saying, "Left wingers listen to hardcore rap music, but "baby it's cold outside" is offensive?"  (those hardcore rap songs would also be taken off rotation if they were being played on Christmas songs.  Christians would complain, they'd take them off).  And I made these statements but then the next day it was the same memes, but different people, sometimes the same people I had talked to.  People saying, "what's next, 'I saw Santa kissing mommy'?", like, maybe if he was slipping something in to her drink, then yea, it should be banned.

Why are people so fucking stupid?

Thursday, November 8, 2018

reddit post about a troll factory plot: The shills that divide

I'm not sure where to put this but we may be on a path towards destruction and it looks like there are people that are deliberately pushing us in that direction.
There have been a lot of people ready to hit the streets and protest if Mueller gets fired (the rapid response plan). Trump knew this when he spoke to religious leaders in August (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/aug/28/donald-trump-midterms-private-meeting-church-antifa). He's also been pushing the "democrats bring mobs" rhetoric.
I have a religious family member who has shared links of pastors that suggest that Trump has given a prophecy.
All Trump had to do was fire Jeff Sessions, conveniently the day after the mid-terms, and now there's probably thousands of shills working over time ready to prove him right.
Trump looks guilty and if he's going to try and massacre the justice system that is coming for him, the protests are going to happen.
I think the troll factory agenda is to get people to act violently while doing this.
People are already riled up to a very high level.
This looks like an act of desperation and it could fall apart if we shine a light on it before it happens. At the same time, there is a cult-like following that are going to make him out to be some prophet and fanatical religious people can do the worst things.
(I'm not sure if this is witch hunt related but I think it's relevant. I'll leave details out, but if people look through my comment history to see those details, please let me know if that's against the rules and I'll edit out this portion of the post) Yesterday, I got banned from a subreddit that is against the alt-right. An admin posted this comment with a post:
"With the Dems taking the House, I see that the Russian Cyber-Interference operatives have given marching orders to the trumpjugend and activated their own hordes of alt-accounts to mobilize and spread “civility” and “cooperation” propaganda now that their divisive con-man cult-leader is in danger of being held accountable for his crimes and the debasement of his office. Such concern trolling and nonsense here will only be removed and the accounts will be banned.
(one of the comments further down said, "Yea, fuck civility and cooperation")
Uh... like, isn't the rule "be civil" usually number 1 in every subreddit? This bothered me because I've been worried about admins "taking over" subreddits and cultivating the users to fit the narrative they want(like in TD).
I had to put my thoughts out there and commented this:
... but what about honest people that promote civility and cooperation?
Religious leaders were told by Trump that the left would react violently after the mid terms.
I think it's also likely that trolls are trying to incite incivility just to make Trump out to be some prophet.
What proof do you have that trolls are trying to "encourage civility" and why would you think that would help their cause anyway?
People cooperating is going to cause congress to look the other way?
Banned, muted from contacting admins, and post shut down.
what the fuck is up with that?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Water you talking about?

Maybe it's time I took my writing from this puddle and in to a minor stream.

Maybe I need to look, for sea, if you know what I mean.

Look in to the future,

Find what you can know for sure.

Bring it back on a river that was created in a dream.

I've been smoking a lot of pot ever since they've legalized it here in Canada.  I was smoking a lot before too and I'm still smoking a lot. 

I've been thinking about quitting again.  I've also been thinking about doing stand up comedy again:  "I like how they've legalized it but they still made it fun by making it illegal to smoke in public.  I still get to feel like I'm James Bond when I use my pipe that's shaped like a cigarette.  Like some sort of shitty version that instead of having adventures solving crimes, I'm evading fines and playing disc golf."  (Need to find something funnier for the last part)

Friday, March 30, 2018

Firing to avoid obstruction charges

I'm just going to put this out there.  I think Trump is going to say that firing Comey wasn't obstruction because he fires everybody.  A lot of people are suspecting that it's so that firing Mueller will seem normal, and I think that's probably a factor as well, but if this comes up in the future, I hope the courts see through it.


I never ever thought about the idea of people being paid to pretend to be real people online until around 2016.  If I did, I never really thought it could be that bad.  I figured that companies may go online and pay for reviews of their products once in a while.  I could see how easy that was.  I never thought about the bigger ideas like, creating distrust in our governments, in our scientists, and influencing elections.

One idea that keeps coming back to me is not only how AI can make this worse, but also how we might need AI to fight this.

There are going to be certain campaigns at the root of these things that should be noticeable with the right kind of program, something that can see the right phrases in the right areas of the world.

For example, it should detect when there's an abnormal amount of people suddenly invading certain comment sections or active areas of the internet.

People can be pushing lots of different campaigns out there

-  Climate change denial

-  Pro gun

-  Who to vote for

-  Smear campaigns

-  Justifying wars

-  Influencing public opinion about war (encouraging it)

The last one in particular is a scary prospect.  What if you put a lot of money in to influencing a country to go to war?  How effective is propaganda?  At what point do people say, wait a second, why the fuck is this your agenda?  Who does that?

We can find where it comes from.  The internet leaves many trails, even now, AI can scour over the 2016 election propaganda and find who did what.

I read a comment where someone said they've seen an abnormal amount of people trying to say that North Korea shelling South Korea "wouldn't be that bad".  I thought, what if someone like Putin would want America to go to war with North Korea so they could step in, act like the peace makers and use that as an argument to release sanctions.  Ever since the new administration took office, it's seemed like they've been pushing for a war.

They need to know that you can't try to control people anymore, the internet is more advanced then anything before it and these dumb old fucks that think they can convince people of what to do are going to be exposed and dragged through the muds of history.

It's only a matter of time.