Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another shooting and crosswalks

In the past two days, there was a shooting in Florida and a little boy was killed on a crosswalk near me.

We need to create better crosswalks.  We need better gun control and mental health accessibility.

There's too many problems.  Not enough people to solve them.

There are a lot of things that we can do to make street crossing safer.  Better lighting, raised crosswalks, in-road lighting, above road paths, tunneling.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

On the ark

How do we know how long a body can freeze?

We didn't even know when we took off with that damn thing.  We had a research lab onboard and some people on ice that were most likely going to be ... recycled.

Living conditions were difficult, but we made it work.  There were many species that we had the dna for, lots of different seeds... we didn't really know what we were doing.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Horse\Car Trainer

This whole idea started with a dream. I think I have to use myself as the main character (but younger).  I think I want to try and write it in a way that anyone could see themselves as the protagonist, and it could just as easily be switched from male to female.

In the future, vehicles become banned, except for renegade groups.  Some are in the water like modern pirates, roaming through flooded cities in boats and jet-skis.

The kid training the horses wants to do something bigger with his life, so he discovers a secret group that's being paid by the government to develop a new cop car.  The cop car is an automated self driving car... maybe even a cross between a "big dog" robot and a motorbike.  The kid is training them because he's the best driver they've found... maybe it starts with him escaping to a modern day arcade, (he uses skills he developed while horse riding.)

There's a big competition, all the winners have their best driving skills programmed in to the AI. 

The David Ark Ages (theory)

I was thinking of the name David Ark, or Raymond Ark, possibly something like the Diamond Ark because has "dark" in the title. (Dark Ages)

So this is based on the idea that leaving the planet would cause an environmental melt down as a reaction to all the pollution.

One thing running through my mind is, "What if this has happened before?"

What if life dropped us off and took some resources with them?  Maybe when they left they took out the dinosaurs... As a story idea, what if they hunted the dinosaurs?

We could write all of this happening in a futuristic world but the viewers themselves can figure out the analogy to previous times.  History repeats itself.

So... basic plot:

- Earth becomes too full

- Cars become banned

- Horse industry takes off

- Horse trainer notices horses refuse to work with humans

- Start building ark

- Things start changing, animals working with humans, plants grow better, fish are more populous, etc.

- Leave planet, the planet enters a "dark age"

- Get to new planet

- Hunting alien dinosaur type species on new planet

- They're forced to leave the planet because they fuck up

- Some humans are left behind on new planet.

The idea is to leave the notion that this has happened before, that long ago, "human like species" may have discovered Earth and just hunted the dinosaurs for sport.  

When they left, they try to leave messages with us but the wake of their alien rocket engines destroys anything they leave behind, forcing us to rediscover the universe.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Noah's Ark

What if the story of Noah wasn't about a tale from the past but a premonition about the future?

It's a story that's been told before except with names like Gilgamesh instead of Noah, and maybe in countless generations before.

We can't know for certain that we were created and put on this planet.  Maybe we were from another planet and we took that story from our ancestors but we lost the technology.  The story of putting life on a giant space ship and taking it to another planet. 

Maybe the flood is a warning about filling up your planet with any type of destruction.  Could be global warming, asteroid, etc.  When the story was told in the past, a flood was probably the simplest way to understand it.

(At some point we're going to reach our population cap.  The higher our population limit is, the lower the variation of species.)

We need to get as many different animals as we can in a space ship and fly them to another planet.  Two by two.  Which ones would we choose?

I've been thinking of this science fiction story where that is the overall goal.

Based off this dream I had, it's about a horse trainer in a new future where cars are banned and the horse industry takes off.  In the dream, the horses were becoming harder and harder to break.  The plot I've been thinking about is a metaphor to the animals that "magically listened" in the story of Noah's ark.  When the world starts actually building this space ship, the animals start working together, like all of life wants this goal.

How could we build a space ship that could contain as much life as possible?

Where would we go?

One dilemma I was thinking of is where people on the planet don't want to build it because the process would cause too many greenhouse gases.

I think it's an interesting conflict.

How do we really know that solving this problem isn't a quest from God?

If one ever did exist

Maybe there were multiple "Gods", maybe when these stories were told they were referring to the "people from the past".

It makes me think about how the technology of the past could have been lost.  Like, if there was a space ship that had the capability to keep on going, maybe our "creators" left to discover new lands.

As a plot development idea, when we discover a new planet, we have a scene where they're picking and choosing what plants/animals will go where, and about making a paradise for the people.

One giant plot twist could be that we discover our former selves (where their space ship ended up)

Our future selves are more like robots.  In the story they could be at times an antagonist, at times a warning about our future and maybe in the end, a helper.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 poem

What will the new year bring?

Two thousand and seventeen felt historical. 

At moments, it was more like, hysterical.

in the two thousands we made the reality star

twenty sixteen, we took it a little too far

A narcissistic monster, manufactured by a system

All he wants to know is if you are not with them

While thousands suffer, he won't hear their plight

Demented maniacs don't know wrong from right

Monday, December 11, 2017

the horses and space ark story

So I've been quitting pot successfully.  I haven't bought any weed for a very long time.  I still smoke with friends here and there but that's only about once a week, maybe twice a month.  I've been having a lot of really awesome dreams.  The night before last, I had a dream that I had superpowers and stopped this guy from stealing a motorbike by grabbing the back of the bike.  He went flying forward and when the cops were picking him up, I noticed they had Chandra with them, in custody.  I said I could take care of her and when they left, broke off her handcuffs.  We both flew off together and it was around that point where I started realizing that I was dreaming.  The small village was in a lot of detail below us but when I realized that none of this was real, I started thinking that I wouldn't be able to keep up the vivid imagination much longer.  The second I had that thought, the detail started going away, and we started flying over a low resolution type forest that kept repeating itself like an old cartoon.  I woke up soon after.

It made me think about how a lucid dream is not quite as great as a regular dream.  That when you're fooled in to believing the dream is real, it becomes more real.

I had another dream a while ago that has inspired a story idea.  I was training horses in the future where cars are banned for regular people.  The horse industry started coming back after oil became too expensive.  In it, I remember the horses becoming more and more resistant to being trained, like they were evolving to hate human beings because of what we did to the planet.

I was thinking of combining that story idea with another where we're making a modern day ark.  The story is that when oil and pollution becomes a problem, the creation of a giant space ship that will fly through space indefinitely becomes a possibility and an escape from our mistakes.

I was thinking that when the people start building this ark, stuff starts to change.  The horses start working with humans really hard to get jobs done and achieve this new goal of preserving life.  Even plants start growing better to feed the starving people.  The concept is that life is pushing us to get off the planet and it wants to achieve this goal with us.

There's a metaphor that connects with the original biblical ark story, where in the story, God gets the animals to help build the ark.  In my version, life itself is helping because we're all connected and nature wants to make this accomplishment as much as we do.

Another idea I want to share before I forget is a video game concept where you play as the Indigenous people of North America when the continent is being colonized.  The idea is that you try to steal their technology and use it against them and create an alternate timeline where the Indigenous tribes work together to fight off the Europeans.