Tuesday, May 27, 2008

9643: sex in video games

inspired by yahtzee

Video game sex lecture time

I have to agree with this guy. Sex is an important part of our life and shouldn't be degraded or banned when it comes to gaming. The Sims does a fantastic job in their approach. In a way, it can be used as a teaching tool for parents that want to teach the birds and the bees and present it in a less vulgar manner. They take something that's typically shunned upon and viewed as a dark part of society and shows that it's a fun activity enjoyed by people all around the world. Nothing like a good "woohoo" here and there.


That's an interesting way to look at sex and video games as a whole. You have your sexually revealing but not explicit games like Dead or Alive, Tomb Raider, etc. You have your complete adult stuff, like the hot coffee mod, and the playboy mansion. Then you have a game like the Sims that tackles an otherwise awkward scenario in a fun manner.

And the Sims is just one way to approach it, there are countless other ways to approach sex where it can be funny, artistic, and beautiful instead of vulgar and degrading.

The Witcher allows you to have sex, but I agree with Yahtzee's review, it's done in the wrong way. You basically say the right thing or save the women, and the lights go out, then you get a card with an artists drawing and it might show a nipple or bum cheek. Afterwards, the women don't seem to have much of a different reaction to you, and you go out to continue questing all the while looking for more women to add to your card collection.

While I enjoyed the adult approach, and would like to see more games like it, I wish it was more realistic. A role playing game used to mean that you played a role. If I'm some hero saving women, I would expect that they would want a relationship, and I felt that's where the Witcher failed.

It's a challenge for the game designer to present sex for what it really is. And that's keep all the other baggage that comes with the actual act. Not like, "Hey you completed the quest, here's some boobies.", but have an actual story behind the whole situation.

Developing characters that have truly interesting realistic reactions to you is yet unheard of, but you see it becoming more prominent in characters such as Alyx Vance.

It's not too much to ask, but it's a large hill to climb for game developers to go down this route. It's far more easier to have more duck shoots and platform jumping then keep the player intrigued by an NPC.

I've ranted a bit here, so in summary, developers need to create different design methods and AI so there is a relationship involved. This would be just one method of having sex in video games that isn't viewed so negatively.

Monday, May 26, 2008

9642: Mars landing

Watched the Phoenix lander touch down last night. Or rather, watched people watching it touch down. It's too bad they didn't have a video feed from the lander. Nevertheless, pretty cool stuff.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

9641: conspiracy theories

My main problem with the big conspiracy theories like the fake moon landing and all the 9/11 ones is the lack of a good motive. Like a detective, finding the motives are the key.

Why would any group organize and collaborate something as complicated as the WTC's and the pentagon being hit?

Many people assume it's the US, but since nothing has been proven we have to look at other options. Who would benefit from destroying those buildings, and why would it be so complex and elaborate?

What if a different group set the whole thing up to build an anti-Muslim attitude in North America? Before 9.11, I, like many other people seen the Muslim religion as just another religion. Sure, they did some crazy shit in Jerusalem, but all three sides have been fighting back and forth over that silly land for thousands of years.

It's like some ridiculous 3 way RTS

After 9/11, it brought the western world in to that game. Theres now this huge anti-Muslim sentiment around, even after 7 years. Maybe that was the whole motive of the 9/11 attacks, maybe a 3rd party staged the attack to get us involved in this conflict.

It makes a lot more sense then the USA planning it themselves. The government is sloppy and unorganized.

Although, there doesn't seem to be a plausible scenario where there was a conspiracy and the US wasn't involved in some manner.

If there was any US government workers involved, I just don't see it being very likely that that kind of information wouldn't leak out to the public, especially in the future when the people involved are on their death beds.

Friday, May 23, 2008

9639: quick post

Got caught up reading comments in some forum this morning. This line from 64 year old grandmother caught my eye:

"I have witnessed many lives ruined by alcohol, and met every kind of alcoholic from sappy sentimental to raving murderous madman (family and their friends). Alcohol problems are rampant in my family; it is very bad.

Some in my family smoke marijuana. Some functioned less; nobody was cruel or molested or beat anyone. Most were kind and insightful. I realize you might not get great accomplishments out of someone who smokes a lot, but you won’t get the abuse of alcohol or aggression drugs.

Then there’s meth…the devil himself is behind that one"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


My wife bought me a journal and I've been writing in that when I can. I still don't do it every day, but when I can.

Astronomy and physics are fascinating. While everyone else ponders such pointless drivel, these guys are studying the universe.

The astronomy picture of the day is an artist's rendition of planet Gliese's sunrise.

It reminded me of an idea I got from another person's blog.

"Take all your regrets and burn them"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I think I'm going to have to ditch the lesson a day in favor of just writing every day. When I reach 10,000 days, I want to complete these goals:

Bike at least every week this summer.
Write every day
Take some guitar lessons
Look in to flying lessons. Either ultra-light or real pilot training. (how expensive is it?)
Look in to building a house.

Monday, May 5, 2008


That little x button in the top right has a lot more impact then it seems.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Writing every day is harder then I thought.

Like going for a morning jog or a bike ride, it can seem like a chore when it's worked in to a routine.

And that's a lesson from today. Create good routines

By creating good routines that you enjoy, like sitting by the fire in the evening, or having a barbecue every week, we understand that we are creatures of monotonous activity, and a day to day, week to week or monthly activity shouldn't always be a chore. This is a good thing, while living a completely random life day to day would be fun in small doses, eventually you have to sleep in that same bed, and see that familiar face.

We are creatures of structure. While an animal may live moment to moment, we have structured our lives around the days and night.

Friday, May 2, 2008


10,000 days is a great album. I recently realized that I'm turning 10,000 next year on may 20th and decided to take advantage of it and create some goals.

One of those goals is to write a lesson a day.

this is my 9619th day, give or take a few.


Time spent with the people that we care about and care for us is more valuable then I know.


spending time with someone is a gift.