Thursday, April 15, 2010

story idea

So, I'm moving out of Winnipeg, back to the country. I'm planning on doing a lot of camping. I want to write, I have this book idea I really want to work on. I also want to take some pictures. The land that I'll be camping on is very close to where I was born, and ties in to my story idea. I was born and grew up in the middle of a forest on the edge of wilderness and farmland. I had long bus rides an hour to and fro, where I came up with this.

It was about this alien creature that slips from another dimension in to ours and begins terrorizing the forest. It begins to stalk the big yellow school bus and one day attacks it. The little boy saved the kids on the bus, and later kills the creature, but its corpse was nowhere to be found, and no one believed him.

My teacher loved it, I got full marks, and was going to keep writing the story, I had plans on writing that the boy later grew up and slipped in to their dimension, where he finds out that the creature wasn't an evil monster, but an intelligent creature in a hostile environment. At the time, I was heavily inspired by "Jurassic Park". Also, growing up in a religious household, I didn't want to accept evolution, and was thinking of alternate theories. Different species slipping from one dimension came from that. I think what I was trying to say is that we don't really know what's going on, there could be something like this happening, even though it's a very rare event.

For reasons I won't disclose at the moment, I abandoned the story, but have recently been thinking about it more and more, and want to get it all down. The story itself has evolved and the idea is that every so often, different membranes holding universes like our own will get close enough that if the conditions are right, the information will get mixed. This happens a lot in open space, but when two planets align, sometimes certain things will slip from one brane in to another.

This can cause certain planets to be tied to one another, and in very rare circumstances, creatures can slip from one to another bringing in very different genes that were adapted from different environments.

Originally it was meant to be an alternate theory to evolution, but the story in its current state says that this is what causes such dramatically different species.

I've heard of panspermia, which says that life can travel from planet to planet, this is a notion that life travels through dimensions.



Anyways, I don't think I want to publish any more in this blog because I believe I have some really great ideas to take this from an old idea I cooked up on long school bus rides to a really great story.

I should look in to getting a cheap laptop...