Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I put this in a forum post in rlslog:

The forum was about an Iraq documentary.

wow, a lot of stupid crap being said in here.

I mean C'MON!!
Johnny said:
"Thats what I hate about morons who have IQ of donkeys."

And then says this, "Thinking about i wish bush nuked irrq and kuwait and th=e whole gulf"

Wow! One of the stupidest things anyone ever could say.

One of the things that bug me about all this Israeli talk is that it's millions of miles away from where I am. What someone says over there, like, "Americans are devils, they all must die", I assume, words have been twisted by the time they get here.

I don't have any ill intentions to anyone that doesn't affect my life in any way, and I assume they would feel the same way about me.

But then Johnny here has to prove me wrong… and again and again, ignorant, stupid comments from both sides:

"US+Israel alliance is the greatest evil till date endangering the entire mankind, more dangerous than the Muslim terrorists. It is for these Zionists that no corner of the planet is safe anymore, not even the polar region. And they are already busy spreading their reign of terror beyond earth"


Stupid. I mean, beyond earth… Watch out Mars, the Jews are coming!!

Talk about your stupid conspiracy theory propaganda.

And then… Bam:

"All Muslims/Arbs should be killed, end of the problem the middle east should be nuked and then turned into disneyland"

Y'know, a lot of stupid hate can stem from a comment like that. Even if you say it with no ill intention, cause hey, these guys are halfway across the globe, why would we really want to hurt them?

But… saying something stupid like that, they can take that and say, look what they're saying about us?

There's a propaganda machine, on both sides… over here, it is the media, it has created this image that America is needed over there to stop this evil.

The propaganda machine on the other side, while I'm not really aware of it because I don't live there, I seen the effects of those riots over… cartoons.

That was disturbing. But some people over here, seen that like, wow, look at how evil the muslims are… but then, the smarter, more educated ones realized that it's simply the result of one evil man that speaks very loudly.

A propaganda machine.

The simple solution is to stop hate. Just quit hating, and question everything you hear.

And get a full understanding of the middle east conflict.

Growing up in a Christian home, I heard a lot of things about the bible and prophecy.

One was that the Jewish people, (God's supposedly "chosen" people), were going to be hated, and persecuted.

Now one might look at the holocaust and say "prophecy fulfilled", but in my opinion… and I tread on thin ice hear, but what the hell, what do I have to lose?

On the small scale, I think if one might want to fulfill a prophecy like that, they would invite hate upon themselves to do it. And exploit it.

I read this book recently given to me by my father. It was about the prophecy of Israel, and it repeatedly pulled out quotes about people hating Jews and wanting to kill them all. Now, this might be the case, but look at the quotes above, a lot of times, these are just the stupid few that talk too much, but to a Jew or Christian, they see these attacks on the Jews as proof of Gods existence, and it leaves me questioning, how far someone would go to do this, would they invite hate? Would they twist words through propaganda machines to do this? When are we going to look at it from a logical perspective and realize that maybe this prophecy was not the word of God, but just some man with a pen, a stupid man, a primitive one that couldn't possibly know as much as we do now.

I mean c'mon? A "chosen" people, God's a racist now?

Get real. We are all equal. We are humans, and we are all trying to understand many questions. And this stupid religious nonsense on both sides is causing billions and billions of dollars to be wasted, when we could be building new space probes, and rocket ships to take us to new worlds… something that we can all enjoy!

FIGHT HATE! Knowledge is the key.

Thank you for your time.