Thursday, May 28, 2009

random thoughts

Wouldn't it be cool if one day God came down to Earth and someone asked, "hey man, where did you come from?"

Wouldn't it be funny if he responded, "Oh, well, I'm the one that's actually a product of random evolution."

and after a while of contemplation, the scientists are all like, "Cool, can we study it?"

"That's why I made you"

and the religious people are all like, "holy shit." and then stop and consider the fact that they said the lords name in vain and God's looking at them like, "why the hell would I care about what kind of noise comes out of your mouth."

ok, so this is a bunch of random thoughts combined.

I was thinking to myself one time, about AI and creation and if you wanted to make something more intelligent then you, or you wanted something better... or evolved, you could make the AI compete against each other over and over again.

Like, what if God made evolution so he could think?

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