Saturday, February 14, 2009

smoke monster = grey goo?

Anyone watch Lost? I was thinking, what if the smoke monster was really nano-technology? Think about it, a "security system", the way it moves, maybe it was designed to terrify people to stay away from it.

That one scene that showed Echo's past before it killed him, maybe it did that because it was pre-programmed to take those shapes.

Looks like I'm not the first to think of this.

hmm, after reading a few posts, I wonder if that fence was designed to keep nanobots out, presumably after the technology got out of control...

Maybe the robots were designed to terrify any intruders, and protect the time travelling technology...

After reading about that "donkey wheel" pulling up anchor... it's like the people on the island have pulled up anchor and are sailing down the river of time, the writing is sooo brilliant!

Maybe Ben and the others are so secretive because they know that the technology must remain hidden... and that's why they have control of the smoke monster.

Why they all need to get back to the island is still a mystery, but how the show has played out over the years, is really amazing.

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