Sunday, October 11, 2009

crazy dream

So this morning I woke up from this dream. I was driving down the number one highway and there was a lot of snow on it in some areas. (Yesterday was our first snowfall that stayed on the ground). At one point, I started skidding in my truck and did a complete 360. I stayed on the road and was fine. (Yesterday, my brother and I were trekking through the boonies, and as I was driving down the dirt road to get there, I started skidding a bit and recovered.)

So, for some reason, I was driving my bike instead of my truck, and was heading under the Steinbach underpass when all of a sudden huge chunks of snow fell down from overhead, just barely missing me. Traffic had to stop, and my dad was one of the first to be there. We both grabbed a large chunk and moved it off the road. At that point my brother tried to hug me and I pushed him away. I remember hearing someone say something like "how rude to reject a hug like that" or something to that nature.

So, back on my bike, I remember traveling a fairly long ways when I noticed a train up ahead. Despite the fact I was on a bike and had all the time in the world to stop, I hit the brakes just within centimeters of the train. All of a sudden the train started to derail. With too much traffic behind me, I started climbing along the edge of the ditch, holding my bike while scaling it. There was a train along side the ditch as well and it seemed to be reacting to the train. So I ditched the bike and started running. I managed to get out of the area without getting hurt.

That's around the part where I woke up. The first thing I thought about when I woke up was making sure everyone was alright, while calling 911, and re-routing traffic until the authorities arrive.

I like to finish my dreams, even if I know they're not real. Especially an epic dream like that one.

My brother always likes to analyze dreams when I tell them to him. He's always looking for symbolism and things like that and I usually reply by saying a dream is just a trip in your imagination. There are messages and things, but to me, it's only saying how you view the world, or what you like to imagine.

For example, in other dreams like the ones I had last night, I never get hurt. Chaos all around me, but I'm just fine. I think I have confidence that no matter what happens, I'll usually make it through without a scratch.

I don't worry about a lot of things in life. I'm not careless, not really anyway, but I don't live my life in fear.

But if the dream taught me anything, it's that maybe I should watch where I tread because you never know when something crazy might happen.

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