Monday, January 25, 2010

that's it, back to Winnipeg!

So I found a place in the city. I'll be moving in with 2 other people whom I've never met. I think it should be interesting. I'm a little nervous, but excited at the same time. Living out in the country is great but I really got to get out of my parents basement. I remember when things weren't going my way, I used to always be able to say, at least I'm not one of those bums that's still living with his parents. Now all I have is, "at least I'm not homeless"

I could probably afford to rent my own place, but I really like how things have been going with my finances lately and in the long run, I want to get enough to buy or build my own house and maybe rent some space to people. So moving in with these other people should be a bit of a learning experience as to how that would work. It'll be nice to meet some new faces as well.

I'm definitely not looking forward to the moving part, but I think I'm just going to take what I need for now and pick up more as I go.

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