Monday, May 31, 2010


I went to the Cavern last night and told a bunch of jokes. The room was cracking up. I'm so glad that I managed to pull it off.

it felt so good to make the whole room laugh like that. It's like this: This could be the beginning of something amazing, or it could have been one absolutely incredible night that I'll remember forever and that's it.

Either way, I'm fine. Nevertheless, I didn't have enough time to do my whole set. I had fifteen minutes of material and then found out at the bar that I could only do five, so I started off by saying this is part one of a three part series as a joke. But now I guess I'm committed.

At one point, the guy flashed his light at me, I said, "oh shit, it's like my ex-wife when we were making love, are we done yet? geez.." I should have said, "My sex is kind of like watching lost, it's good but every once in a while she's just, let's just end the damn thing already."

That's one of those jokes that have a time limit on them. As lost gets older, it gets less funny. Maybe I could have the punchline be something like,

"I keep you in the mystery, what's he going to do next?"

hmm... maybe it needs work, but w/e, thought since I was talking about comedy I might as well put down a couple jokes without using all my good stuff.

I do have to come up with some good shit for parts 2 and 3, I have material but I used all the best last night.

I have to go check on my tent, I went to go see it last night at 4 in the morning after the show and it was completely dark, I stepped in to the woods that are normally dry and felt about a foot of water. So, yea, it's probably floating away right now. Hey, maybe I can use it as a mobile home. I'm moving up in the world.

I can probably work that in to a joke... lol... my mind is just twinkling right now, it's like a jalapeno high.

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