Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Castles and Aliens

I had two really creative dreams last night. This morning, I had this dream where Colleen and I were driving up Waverly and we seen this bizarre light in the sky. It was very strange, the light was unusual in a way that is hard to describe, part of it was shining on the moon and another somewhere else. It was coming from a weird alien looking thing in the sky. It landed in a building and we pulled over. Someone else who was also pulled over said,
"That's the animal research center."

So after a bit, we kept driving, and a weird very tall looking figure in a cloak crossed the road in front of us and was running along side us in the ditch. I tried to get its attention by yelling at it but I didn't want to sound intimidating so I was making these strange muffled noises to get it to look at us. I was also making these noises in bed, and it woke me up.

Colleen said, "what was that?"

I explained my dream to her.

The dream earlier in the night, I was in a castle and there were these people trying to get in and I was fighting them off with a sword. I was stabbing and cutting a lot of people, but like my other dream where I was doing violent things, it felt more like a video game then anything else. After losing the fight against the people, the situation reset, like a game, and I was fending them off again. This time, I threw them all down a pit, one by one. It was really easy, like finding a flaw in AI. I proceeded down in to the castle where I was fighting more people. The one thing that wasn't like a video game was that when I got stabbed or cut, it hurt.

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