Friday, November 27, 2009

his image

I've been reading this article that my parents have about evolution and creationism. Being a Christian publication, there's a lot of arguments reused that always seem to go back to a small passage in the bible.

One is that if man was created in God's image, how could humans have evolved from something else through random variation?

That our physical being was set in stone and that physical being is God like.

This is something I've had a problem with for a long time. Growing up in a Christian household, even as a child I found contradictions with teachings in the bible. When I first heard that we were created to look like God, I assumed that it must be in a metaphorical sense, or in some manner other then our physical being.

Everything about our bodies is related to our environment. We have enough muscle mass to hold ourselves up in this planets gravity, we have lungs that breathe the air on this specific planet. If God created light, what was he using to see before he created the universe? We have eyes that are specifically adapted for this light. If it was much darker, we would have evolved a different form of eyes that could see in darker environments.

The only way God could look like us is if the Christian perspective of God is seriously skewed. If we were created by aliens from another planet similar to ours, then perhaps we would look somewhat alike.

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