Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Alexei Navalny


"US state department spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement: "The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve a government that supports an open marketplace of ideas, transparent and accountable governance, equal treatment under the law, and the ability to exercise their rights without fear of retribution."

"The most prominent critic of President Putin, Mr Navalny began his anti-corruption campaign with blogs aimed at state-controlled companies in 2008.
He moved on to opposing the ruling party, United Russia, calling it the "party of crooks and thieves".
He led massive protests following the 2011 election, the biggest in Moscow in December that year, after which he was arrested and jailed for 15 days.
He has said he will run for president in 2018, but a court has convicted him of embezzlement, which would bar him. He denies the charges, calling the case farcical."
Today, Alexei Navalny is my hero.  To rise up to the corrupt power and say, "Hey man... Fuck you!" but in a legal, by the books way is pretty awesome.  Kudos to you Mr. Navalny, I know I'm just one man, but you have my support.

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