Thursday, March 30, 2017

The things you can do with 10,000 days

10,000 days from now, I'll be in my 60's, probably looking at retirement.

I've been building homes in Winnipeg for over 15 years now.  "I've been skipping work like a stone" lately:

It's OK, I'm not A-OK right now.

I told my family I don't want to be a carpenter anymore.  I've worked with them for a long time (picked up the trade from my dad) and I love them all but I need to do something else with my time.

I've been bouncing around with different ideas on what I want to do.  Teaching was one, writing in some way or another, photography and journalism are all things that I've been contemplating.  Politics has interested me lately, as well as cyber security.

I keep playing with ideas but it's gotten to the point where I can't just sit around talking about this stuff anymore.  It's difficult, but I have to just pick something and go.

There is this idea... this hunt for truth... that I keep wanting to pursue.

I want to hunt down lies and rip them apart like a wolf hunts down its prey.

 A picture can speak in any language and can tell many stories.  A photographer/journalist that goes to the dangerous places in the world.

I wouldn't mind doing that... at least for a few days.

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