Wednesday, October 8, 2008

9785: human stupidity

If the human race was smarter we would all have dirt over our heads. Doesn't it make sense that if the planet has sustained an equilibrium, that we shouldn't tamper with it too much. When we develop a new community, we clear cut any forest, and re-sculpt the land, building homes out of wood. In Canada, we do have a good replanting system that provides more trees, but as our population grows the development of the land with more people and more farms create more co2 producers occupying what used to be a forest.

O.K., so doesn't it make sense to cut down the forest, build the buildings, then replant the vegetation on top our houses?

I seen this video on the news where this family in the suburbs turned their yard in to a farm, and the reporter kept referring to them as odd, like it was so strange. Looking around, I thought to myself, if I was an alien from another planet, I would think it's absolutely ridiculous that we're all not doing that.

We ship our food from around the globe, wasting energy in the process. What a stupid notion.

Growing up in society I've always felt that people must know better then me, that simple things like putting gardens on rooftops wouldn't be done because it's not the smart thing to do because no one is doing it.

But then I hear people calling native American's Indians, and Bison, buffalo, when this is an old mistake being repeated because no one has the balls to just quit using the wrong words. It's an ignorant mistake and it's been going on for centuries.

So I think to myself, maybe designing a shingle that is meant to repel water and sunlight should be a rooftop meant to embrace it.

Not only would organic rooftops create more Oxygen and eat up Co2, they provide excellent insulation and in situations where the city is under heavy rain fall, incidents of flash floods are less likely to occur.

It just make sense. We need leadership that's willing to put forth big changes. Climate change may be beyond our control, but even if it isn't then two things might happen;

We'll be ok, the sun will return to it's regular cycle, we all made a big ruckus over nothing.

or, we'll all die, the sun will keep getting hotter, the greenhouse effect will only emphasize this effect and the human race will be over forever.

So, the way I look at it, whether it's in our control or not, we should drastically change the way we live to sustain an equilibrium. This isn't an unachievable goal. Like when the United States was dedicated to go to the moon, we have a mission set out before us. We can know when we're there when co2 levels decline.

If we can prove that we, as a people can control the climate of this planet, then that is not only a great move for human kind to show that we can protect ourselves but also that we have planetary influence. If we can control this planet's environment, we can control others. Maybe it's something that our grandchild's grandchildren will take seriously, but it's something that our small decisions now, like putting garden's on rooftops, will affect.

And quit calling native American's Indians, you stupid moron's.

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