Monday, October 27, 2008

9804: Flying machine

Everyone wants their very own flying machine.

Here's one for only 60k that you can build yourself in only 40 hours. It looks fairly safe, with four engines, if one breaks down, you can still have the others to make it to safety. If there's some catastrophic failure, there's a parachute for the whole thing. They're also talking about adding air bags under the seat for any hard landings.

Link to the companies website.

They're talking about having folding parts so you can store it in your minivan or suv.

Man, if only I had sixty thousand dollars.

How it works is pretty simple. To go forward, you pull the rotors down, changing their orientation and pulling you forward.

Normally, without a tail rotor, a helicopter would spin around in circles. That's where the dual rotor comes in. The rotors spin in opposite directions keeping it stabilized. To turn side to side (yaw), one of the rotors will slow down enough to turn the machine in the desired direction.

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