Thursday, June 5, 2008

9660: another post

I couldn't bring myself to post this in the pyros forum. If anyone reads this from there, I just didn't want it to be read in the context of that debate:

"Thinking about it, pluralism doesn't appeal to me that much because each religion only brings about more questions. It's like watching Lost, as intriguing as it may be, the answers as to what's beyond our collective knowledge... is exactly that.

There's this deep and profound line that I keep coming back to, I think it was Einstein who said, "Everything I know is but a drop in the ocean of knowledge."

This is my addition:

Then everything that every human knows is a sea. The size of the ocean is the size of everything that we will know in our entire existence. These are the facts of the universe, things like, the Earth is round. Religion speculates on things that may not even be in the ocean at all. We may end up killing our entire human race before we, in this living universe, will know what happens when we die.

The ocean may be small (if we all died soon), it could be a billion times larger then it is now, it could even be infinite.

All we can do is pray that we have more time, don't kill ourselves and push it farther. We may have to tread through waters that have already been tread many times, and relearn things, those are the facts of life. You have to find the edge before you can push it farther.

If knowledge is a gift from God, then we have to thrive on it."

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