Friday, June 13, 2008

9668: concede

[quote="Beretta"]Caleb, I hope you have been making [i]logical[/i] use of your time lately.[/quote]

bad form brother.

If you can not attack the argument, attack the arguer.

Maybe I'm not much more then a man in a cave, seeking a message to pass on to the people.

And maybe I have found one, but before you write me off as just another nut-job, have faith that I have a level head and I focus on the good that I've been taught through Christianity.

If, for whatever reason, God threw you a bone, and for a brief moment in time, the world gave you their attention. What would you say?

They're a skeptical bunch, they're not going to buy any "he said, she said stories of magic."

Think about this long and hard, that is my message, "find your message."

It could be very important, because one day, unexpectedly, the spotlight might shine on you.

Don't be afraid to put your beliefs on the table for all to see. Find a message that you can say loud and proud so they'll listen.

If you ask yourself "what would Jesus do"?

and you believe that Jesus is God, then you are quantifying God.

You are not competing by thinking this, you are only trying to "be like dad". Or a dog pretending to be human. Don't be ignorant and not even try.

I could go on and on.... this was supposed to be me stepping down graciously, after all, I predicted my own downfall.

But logically... since my head is pounding, and I've lost sleep debating these philosophical questions that have raged through time, to try and find fixes for the flaws in humanity, this is just way too much for one man.

So, let me take a literary back door. If the definition of Christ is someone that stands for these things:

* love
* joy
* peace
* patience
* kindness
* goodness
* faithfulness
* gentleness
* self-control

Then there are a great deal of people who call themselves Christians who aren't Christians and there are a great deal of people from other religions who may not label themselves so, but are really Christians in God's eye.

I was told that Jesus said something like, "As long as you try to be like God, you will be fine."

I don't think God cares about what kind of label you give yourself as long as you try your best to understand what God is, and try to be that.

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