Friday, June 13, 2008

9668: conceded, lol

How can you have a close personal relationship with something you can't even imagine?

These are the questions that keep me up at night. When hell is a concern for you, like staring death in the face, you have a tendency to work hard to find a solution.

Maybe I'm just a man in a cave, a child playing with toy planes and formulas, a headstrong dreamer diving in to things with no fear of making a few mistakes along the way.

But when you stop to think about my morales, and that I do have a solid foundation built by the upbringing that I fell in to, you'll see that I'm not trying to start a new religion, that I'm not going to do something stupid and irrational, that the mistakes I make, are small in the grand picture.

The sad thing is that I know I could make up a religion. Look at all the labels out there, all the stupid fucking religions that we make fun of. People are so keen to believe in stupid shit like scientology, they get so offended when you make fun of them for being so gullible.

How do you tell them otherwise? how do you deliver a message if you ever get the chance to speak to them. How do you break past their shell of faith and deliver logic and reason?

How do you convince the Atheists that they have the most narrow mind of them all?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

How do I, without wracking my brain too much, convince and inspire my fellow man to quit ignoring these big problems, to take some time of their day to put their own daily nonsense aside, and question everything they think they know.

No, I'm not as intelligent as many, and don't have the solutions people so desperately need to the questions in life, but I know a flaw when I see one. To first find a solution, you need to find the flaws.

I know the things I can say probably sting like a bitch. I can see the snowball effect from the anger I've caused. Don't think that because it's my words causing your anger that I am the voice of evil. If you really believe that there is some sort of inter-dimensional evil entity telling me to say these things because God wants to test your faith, then you have really got to shift your paradigm.

I am not the voice of Satan trying to destroy your faith so the devil can have your soul.

Sure doesn't feel like Satan, feels like me using my brain. I look to God for guidance, and to always make sure my motives are pure and good. Just like any other good person on this planet. I believe that if you focus on good things then you will become that.

This is not an epic debate revolving around our souls, but a friendly spar.

I know you are all good people, and you know how to take a punch. If I had this debate with a fanatic in Saudi Arabia, I'd probably be dead.

So forgive me for treating your beliefs like a punching bag, but when you see it from my perspective, at least, try, you can see I'm not a bad person.


I was planning on trying to tie off this debate. To end it, because I know I've caused suffering in the hearts and minds of the people I care about.

I've done a horrible job... ugh....

How do you step down but still stand tall?

Maybe your thinking the same thing. How do we cross the line in the sand to shake your brothers hand, when neither side wants to take a step.

Maybe it's time to just walk away. But before I go, know that I have never found a more deep profound respect for Jesus until this moment.

Listen to 10,000 days by Tool, and see that you don't have to be under the Christian label to send a positive message.

It is just a label, to which we each define it's characteristics, we all draw our own lines in the sand, some based on what we've been told by our fellow man, others seek guidance from a higher form of intelligence. Tell me, if you've spoken to the pilot of this crazy world plane, if you can comprehend for a second what it would be like to really talk to God, and what he would really say, tell me, what is our mission?

Because Christians only seem to ask for personal guidance, for their own personal gain. Get out of your tiny perspective, and try to look at it from God's. Maybe when you do, you can get a better idea on what he would say, therefore allowing you to truly talk to him.

just a theory.

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