Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9665: dead freq

Have you prayed for me?

Have you heard mine?

Let's meet in the idea hall

and let's dine

I'll present you with my theories

have a meeting of minds

present me with yours

and maybe then we'll find

a formula that works

In this new time.

Spare me the stories

and analogies

if the message is the fruit

I'll take what's inside please

Can you not see the irony?

Are you keeping up with me?

So are we all just singing the same song?

Can you hear it? can you sing along?

Just between God, you, and me

I am a Christian

but it depends

on the definition

If Christ stands for peace, love, and against all things evil

then I will stand with him

2000 years have passed

and I can still hear it loud

but maybe we can help repeat it

for the rest of the crowd

But in this new age

everyone is a skeptic

they wont believe in tricks

and tales of magic

Help me write this song

or at least sing along

I am not the greatest writer

and I am limited

by these tools

of language

I am not the greatest of minds

Let's put two and two together

and maybe we'll find

a new message for all of mankind

Spare me your

fear and hysteria

your reasons for panic

are x's in the formula

Nobody's knows now

nobody knows

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