Friday, September 5, 2008

9752: Death Magnetic

So the new Metallica album has leaked on to the web.

I summed it up to a friend and thought it was pretty funny, so I'll repost it here:

It reminds me of that hot chick from high school, who got all fat, but then went to the gym and is now looking pretty good, really reminds you of her hot self in school, but she's still looking pretty old and is trying a little too hard. Oh, and you know she just wants you for your money.

Either way, I'm still hitting it. It's a solid album, and really does seem like it fits in with old Metallica albums. I may be picky, and contradictory, but it would seem to me that the old Metallica albums had more melodic softer parts to give the heavy parts contrast. This one is almost all fast and heavy, with the exception of "the day that never comes" and "unforgiven III". Maybe I'm just getting older, but it would seem to me that songs like Orion and Master of Puppets always started off rocking, gave you a break in the middle with a soft relaxing bit, only to tear it apart and give that last final impact.

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