Friday, September 12, 2008

9759: Dimensions

I stumbled on this comic today:

I've had this story idea for a while that's similar to the comic. I really enjoyed the Jet Li flick "The One", with it's crazy inter-dimensional concept that if the different you's in alternate dimensions were killed off, then the remaining ones get stronger.

I was thinking about this and thought, well, from a physics perspective, every time you risk your life, there are many alternate versions of yourself dieing. If you just barely, barely survived an accident, then there would be a large percentage of your alternate "self". The question is, when do you not call it your self? There would be so many different versions of you, some that would look and be completely different, for example: Exact same mother and father since the dawn of humanity, but the genes were selected differently. Where do you draw the line on what would be your alternate self?

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