Thursday, August 20, 2009


2255 <- the year I'll turn 100,000 days old.

273 years old

A million days is 27379 and some change

How fast will our life expectancy increase?

3 months every year?

what happens if that number one day becomes 4 months per year, and exponential increases in technology manages to continue this trend until it's one year per year.

Imagine being 99, and they say that the average life expectancy is 100, then the year after they announce it's 101, and so on. If the trend continued, it would out run you.

I can't imagine how, but it certainly would change the way we look at things. Accidents, murders.... would have much more impact if people had the ability to live 100,000 days


I was thinking to myself the other day. Growing up in a christian conservative household, I was taught that the end of the world was going to come one day, and the righteous would be taken to a much better alternate existence and the sinful would suffer for all eternity.

On the opposite end is science, who argued that our ignorance to our environment and passed history states that we will destroy ourselves or, the earth will face another mass extinction.

99% of all species that have ever existed on this planet are extinct.

What bothers me now is that both sides seem to be arguing for the same thing. That we're all fucked.

I wish there was an alternate, and strong view that everything's going to be fine. With the way we look at time, we have a very large amount available to us. With the way we've advanced in the last 100 years, that amount should easily be enough to preserve life and continue our species for as long as the universe exists.

It's not impossible, we just need to divert our energy from destruction and put it in to health, science, education, and technology. The strongest defense is not an offense, but a message. One that says, "we don't need an army, we're going to space. We're going to preserve the human race"

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