Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4 things I hate

Hey, guess what, people like lists.

Let me rant for a bit as I count down 4 things that really bother me in today's society.

1. Bottled water

Water is everywhere. When we designed cities with water included, we went through the trouble of running millions of pipes to every single household and business. This is common. Every major city has it's own water system. The water is safe, clean and healthy. Yet some people don't think this is good enough for them. For the sake of convenience, or just because of the slight taste difference, they would rather pay far too much so that trucks can physically carry the water in a multitude of plastic containers over miles and miles, even as far as Fiji! This is fucking insanity. We are already standing on a much smarter system, where pumps bring it through pipes in a much more efficient manner. The people that sell it are making money off of your stupid fucking ass. Why the fuck are you buying water. Just get a goddamn reusable container and find one of the many taps around and get it for free.

2. So you think you can dance

How many fat fucking people sit down and watch this show as they gorge themselves? Why don't you take that fast food money and go get some dance lessons you overweight piece of shit.

3. Junk mail

Holy crap, why the hell are we wasting so much energy on cutting down trees, converting it in to paper, printing out millions and millions of ads just so people can inform me on the price of apples at the local supermarket?! A much smarter way of doing the exact same thing is to simply create a website for when someone is actually interested in buying whatever the seller is trying to sell.

I don't want to receive a million different ads that are irrelevant to what I need or want at the cost of cutting down more trees.

4. Repetitive commercials

Speaking of ads. I watch a lot of Discovery. If I'm going to watch TV, I might as well learn something. The problem is that every 10 minutes, they barrage you with the same ads over and over again. It almost feels like whatever useful information I'm getting from the educational content is dwarfed by the repeated garbage in between. I don't mind getting free shows at the cost of an ad once in a while, but when it's the same fucking ad over and over again, it drives me crazy. One good example is nicorettes new method that allows you to get your nicotine through a device that you hold like a cigarette. First, I don't smoke, I don't care. Second, they show this one guy holding a pen in his mouth because he's craving a cigarette, and he gets ink all over his face. This disgusts me, can't he fucking taste the ink?! And third, when I did quit smoking, the last thing I would want is to be constantly reminded that I'm craving a cigarette. This commercial is on constantly. Lastly, isn't this just another expensive cigarette. They're just giving you nicotine anyway, now it's in a smokeless form that you can use indoors.

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