Wednesday, August 6, 2008

9722: fine line

Distinguishing that fine line between genius and madness.

My brother told me that hes getting together with his church to try and resurrect people. I kind of freaked out at him, because one of my last visits to a church was when a preacher said he was "almost there" when it came to resurrection.

I'm thinking to myself, "Are you fucking insane? Have we not already clearly established that death is a law?"

"What kind of madness is this?"

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Luke said...

I didn't know about you're previous experience and I was very excited.

I really liked this article. I think it could go to show why people striving for creativity can also end up dealing with depression and artist's block.

"The authors hypothesize that latent inhibition may be positive when combined with high intelligence and good working memory - the capacity to think about many things at once - but negative otherwise."