Monday, August 11, 2008

9727: blond streaks and bug bites

I have blond facial hair mixed in with my brown. I had noticed symmetrical patterns and finally figured out that it's the sun that does it. Where the shadows fall is where they're not as blond.

I ps'd this image this morning, used this tutorial:

I messed up in a few areas, I might go back and fix it/redo it some day. This picture has a story behind it. I got a bug bite or something at dragon-boat weekend, and after a few days, right after a series of unfortunate events with the wrong woman, I woke up with a terrible migraine and the spot had opened up. I took a picture of it cause it looked like a tear drop. Am I emo? No, I just think it was an interesting coincidence.


Scorned and torn, I only had myself to blame. What have I lost and what is the cost, for playing this over-rated game.

(ok, maybe I'm a little emo... whatever, I'd rather feel pain then nothing at all, and whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.)

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