Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new Metallica

When I first heard their new single: The day that never comes
, I only caught the end and it blew me away.

I was literally freaking out in my truck and turned to my brother and asked is my face peeling? Cause this is rocking my face off.

Later that evening I caught the beginning and thought, "why James? Why do you have to ruin a perfectly good rocking song with your pompous voice?"

Overall, it's great, so much better then St. Anger and in my opinion better then load and reload, almost as good as their old shit, but they just can't pass that threshold. I just don't hear the same James anymore. Instead of the angry pent-up young aggression, I hear this ... fakeness...

Like St. Anger was their attempt to create a new metal for the new generation, and yet they failed miserably. So, instead they try and recreate the music that made them famous, which is good, but instead of making music just for the sake of making it, they're saying, "is this what you want? Is this what you want? We need more money so we want to get it right. We wont have a high quality mp3 of our single online, just this bad one, so you get a taste and go buy it on iTunes cause our boatloads of cash just isn't enough."

That says something about the band, and you can hear it in the voice. I hear NIN in a completely different way because they released their whole album for free.

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