Monday, August 18, 2008

9734: recap

On Friday, I went to Kevins, had a few beers and played Bionic Commando. Went to bed early, was exhausted from the night before.

Saturday morning, I got a call from Caroline and helped her find her car. It was parked at the "house of Dread", where a member/s from dreadnuaght lives.

We grabbed her bike from Santa Lucia's and I showed her some paths. Afterwards, we went to Morris and played in a horse shoe competition. Sunday, we went to Assiniboine park and biked the trails there. There was this cool group of people playing drums underneath the bridge.

Caroline got a couple extra tickets to Cruefest so she gave them to me. I checked it out. It was pretty cool, but I'm not the biggest crue fan. They put on a good show, and it was alright, but going by myself wasn't as fun as I expected.

She got fired from her job and wanted to go drink with some friends, but I was tired and just went home alone. Amanda took the bed, tv and other things, so coming home to sleep on a couch was pretty depressing. I stumbled on some old wedding photos and.... well, you don't need to know.

Why do I put myself in these situations

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