Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bad hip and lost shoes

Yesterday I saw on FB that someone lost a couple discs at Happyland park.  I was feeling sore from playing earlier plus going to work but couldn't resist the call.  I've been getting pretty good at finding discs but by the time I got there, it looked like it was a fruitless effort right from the beginning.  Last year, people told me that most discs lost at HL never came back.  There were a couple guys that would play there often that people suspected of stealing them.  I played with them quite a bit when I had evenings available.  I go there and play by myself a lot and they always invited me to join, which was nice.  After seeing them recover discs with names and numbers of people I knew, I asked the people if they ever got their discs back and they said no.  People had seen me play with them and I didn't like being known as a "disc thief".  So part of me returning as many discs as I can was because of that.  I get up early, and check the creek when no one is there.  This gives me a chance to take my time.

Yesterday, I was rushing along the path and not only tripped, putting a sprain on my ankle, I slipped and fell in to the creek.  The grass is so long now, it's hard to see where proper footholds are.  When I got home, I put them out in the sun.  I was going to grab them before falling asleep but I must have passed out while watching a movie.  I'm really hoping my neighbor took them in, because they're not there now.

It's so early, the sun has barely started to come up.  I'll probably head over to HL soon to see if I can get in a round and scan for anything.  My plan for today is to head to the outback and play until it's too hot, then go to the beach and chill for a bit.  I might take a nap somewhere.  Then I'll head back and play another round or two.  I'm hoping that my hip pain goes away because that's a lot of disc golf planned.

Sometimes, I really do like the fact that I never had any kids.

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