Monday, July 17, 2017

Stanley Park

Stanley Park review

While searching for discs, I found this old beat up guy.

The owner said they were from the Winkler/Morden area which was a good 2 hour drive from Winnipeg (My hometown).  They asked if I was coming out to their tournament this year.  I wasn't sure if I was going to at the time but since I had a disc to return, it felt like a good idea.

The day before the tournament, I packed up a tent and made my journey.  The campsites were free and there were plenty available when I went.  While, some of the campsites are set up right next to some of the baskets, the course itself is pretty tight.  It offers some nice elevation changes as the area is in the Pembina valley.  A small creek runs through it, and some steep drop-offs add some danger to the shots.  The upkeep for the area seemed great, there were lots of nice open areas that were mowed and clean.  Dog owners would probably enjoy bringing their pup's as they would have a lot of space to run around in.  The park is surrounded by fields and forests.  It's far enough from any city that the night sky was full of stars.  Coyotes could be heard howling in the distance when the sun went down.  I loved it.

I returned my disc in the morning and while, it got rainy for the game, it was still a good time.

Out of all the disc golf courses in Manitoba, this is right up there with La Barriere as one of my favorites.

On my first night out, I only had a little bit of daylight left to preview the course.  I saw a car drive down in to the course area, it looked like a guy and girl in the vehicle but I didn't think much of it.

That was until I was around hole 2, throwing towards the wrong basket, I threw one that landed in the tall grass next to the creek.  That's when I spotted the car, not far across the creek from where my disc landed.  I tried to be quick about getting out of there but I was having so much trouble finding it, I bet they thought I was creeping on them.  I did eventually find my disc and got out of there.

So, overall, despite the weather and occasional love bird stalking, I really enjoyed making the trip out there.

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