Thursday, July 13, 2017

Today's experiences, wet dogs and white owls

This morning I went to one of my favorite disc golf courses in Winnipeg, "The Outback" in Kilcona park.  What is it about dogs when they get wet, why do they think it's so hilarious to shake off right next to you?  The dog's owner was yelling no at him, which seemed quite futile given the results.  He jumped on me to add insult to injury.  This was right after I shanked my drive into the woods.

I threw my buzzz, given to me by a super cool guy in town after I had returned a bunch of discs in the spring.  After witnessing another player score an ace with a buzzz, following this crazy bee line at hole 11, happyland, I had to get one of my own.

So today, I was practicing driving with mid-ranges, I didn't expect it to flip to the right so easily.  The morning mist had covered the wet weeds, I was trying to find the right words to express the situation while looking at the mess I had to get through... I couldn't find them, but I suppose thistle dew.

I was about to dive in when the dog sprung in to the woods a few meters to the left of me.  The guy said, "Oh geeze... it's gonna grab it!"

I thought the dog was way off but I guess the scent gave it away, he bounced out and gave it to me without leaving any teeth marks.  I was still a little frustrated about being wet but now that I think about it, the pup was probably thinking, "sorry about fucking with you buddy, here's your disc."

Made me think, I should get a dog.  I would really love to have it for recovering discs like that.  I'm not sure how many other players have their dogs trained well enough to only get them when asked.

It would be fun to try and train one.

So I continued on my game and while picking up a disc, a white owl got scared when I got too close and flew to a different tree.  A beautiful snowy white owl.  I haven't seen one since I was younger.  I was with a guy who I won't name that was hunting.  He shot one.  I don't know why I need to get that out, but it was a shitty situation that made me appreciate... not killing things?

It was a very long time ago, but since then, it was last one I ever saw.  So today, it was a surprise and a delight to spot one that looked to me like a younger fella.  He didn't make a hoo noise but just shrieked at me.  I left him alone and continued playing.  I met up with some friends and played a round, while talking about the owl coming up to the same area, he flew by, and then another one did, and then we noticed another one looking down on us.

It was a whole family.

And those fuckers want to tear down that park.

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