Friday, July 14, 2017

early hyzer

Up at sunrise, did 20 toe-touches, sit-ups, and push-ups followed by a jog.  I plan on playing 18-27 holes at the outback before going to work this morning.  I'm still trying to learn how to drive.  It's something the other players can do where I can only get decent scores at Happyland (the shortest course in Winnipeg)

So I'm working on one main thing, keeping the nose down.  One tip a friend told me, is to hold the disc like your going to shake someone's hand.  This is a particular handshake where your fingers are pointing towards the ground.  Keeping the thumb down helps keep the nose down.  When the disc flies on a plane, it can go much farther.

I'm also focusing on my follow-through.  Yesterday morning, I threw a shot that caused a sharp pain in my right hip.  I've been dealing with hip pain for many years now and throwing a RHBH (Right hand back hand) throw can cause the pain to flair up.  I need to remember to follow through with the throw so the brakes of my body aren't put down on my hip.  It's important to have a pain-less throw so I can practice 100+ drives in a day.

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