Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Earlier in the spring, I noticed some skaters had taken some retaining blocks from the retaining wall at the park that I play disc golf in.  At the time, I was picking up garbage as I played and was trying to fix the disc golf signs that had been broken.  Seeing the blocks out of place, it bothered me to see that they took the blocks that were in use and didn't touch the ones that had fallen into the creek.  I took it upon myself to carry a block back.  It was difficult and I was sore so I left a note explaining how these blocks had a purpose and if they wanted to put them back, I explained how to do it.  The next day, the note was torn in half.  I took another block that day and figuring it was a decent lil morning workout, I continued to put the blocks back, one at a time, every morning.  When I was done, I took some blocks out of the creek and left them for the skaters.

They never used them, instead, they brought in a bunch of other cinder blocks and made an actual wall.  They poured concrete in it, put steel sheets on top and added an edge so they could grind on it.

Alright, whatever, it wasn't any of my business anyway.  Yesterday, I noticed the same blocks that I put back were gone.  The gravel that I poured in was on the ground.  Today, I found them set up by the skate park area again.  It really seemed like they took those blocks, in particular, just to spite me.

I guess it's working, because I'm bothered by this.  I'm thinking of phoning the park people or someone with the authority to do something about this.

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