Saturday, June 17, 2017


I was watching one of those crime shows that deal with real life murders.  I think I had watched a few, I've "binged" on shows like forensic files before.  I hate that term being used positively.  There's an advertising campaign by shaw, a cable provider, that has a robot named "bingey"... "Hi, I'm bingey the robot, here to tell you about our new blah blah blah...", why are we praising "binge watching"?

So after watching a few, I was wondering about how many real life murders happened in that time frame.  We focus on these stories and watch it being told while new ones are happening around us constantly.  The people that make the shows are feeding off of it, they have a never-ending source of material.

This morning, I was reading about Syria, about how terrorists are holding a large population of people "hostage", shooting people as they try to escape.  There's so much going on there and it seems like we're getting minimal coverage of it.  I feel like there are a million stories worthy of being told right now, but we're all too busy watching re-runs of yesterday's "dramatic" crimes.  It's also mostly crimes from the USA.  Russia has gay people being killed and imprisoned for their sexuality, and Chechnya is probably just as close as some of these US cities, but it doesn't get the coverage like America.  Not even close.  I'm tired of Hollywood stories and sick of all these fake superhero films.

Where are the real heroes?

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