Sunday, December 14, 2008

best bf2 videos

Now for something entirely different:

My favorite videos from bf2

This is one of the oldest bf2 videos of a guy named Redux from Europe. In Bf2, the chopper was meant for two people, but the game was very action-orientated, and you could switch seats on the fly. When you jump to the gunner seat, you can use the machine gun and tv guided missle, but the chopper spirals "out of control". Or rather, the developers programmed it to spin in a clockwise motion.

You can control this by how you're flying the helicopter when you switch seats. This led to an extremely engaging experience that I doubt the developers ever intended.

Redux was the first person that I've ever seen to take this flying style in to tournament play.

This video is from another chopper enthusiast that must have spent a huge amount of time gathering his footage. A lot of the shots are not just against fast rolls or slides (hard to hit), but also around and through objects.

The one thing I loved about BF2 was that there were so many firsts. Like, first time hitting a jet with your helicopter missles. In this video you see him not only hitting jets, but hitting them as they go under bridges and through tunnels, something extremely hard to pull off.

I wish I could have recorded more of the things that I pulled off. I never had a computer that could handle it.

That shot is like threading a needle while hitting a dust particle that's passing by on the other side.

Here's another old one with 20id, one of the best teams of bf2. What I loved about 20id was how creative they could be. Clever usage of pixel shots is shown in this video.

Here's a video with me in it. I come in around 5 minutes in. (my nickname is Hatchet)

I used to play for a team named crack clan. I was invited while playing CSS and discovered online tournaments through them. When Bf2 came out, I jumped all over it. Here was a great teamwork based game where so many different things can happen. I left crack clan over some disagreements. They would have these crazy plans that I thought were just plain stupid and I was always one to voice my criticism. I went over to a team called "Network of exceeding Tactics" and flew with a guy named Irish. We tore a lot of teams up and at one point, no one could touch us. What we were especially good at was killing a lot of ground targets, fast. We were a terrifying force. Irish was a good guy but had a terrible temper.

I forget exactly why I left Net, I think they just became inactive in bf2 after a while and I joined Team Dynamic. It was around then that I teamed up with Zman, a younger guy from Texas. This kid was amazing with the tv missle. When we were on our game, no one could touch us.

We climbed to the top of the 2v2 chopper ladder and stayed there until it got boring.

There's a couple other videos that I remember were pretty awesome and if I can ever find them, I'll try to update this post.

Snarf dominating with c4 back when you could chuck it. They later patched it so you couldn't do that because it was just too damn powerful.

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