Saturday, December 27, 2008

this dream

I had a dream last night. I was strolling along the Pakistani border when an American military official approached me, he said, "Son, we're going to need your help."


"Yes, the president's plane has been shot down over Pakistan and we need to get in there quick."

"ok..." I said, pondering the dangers ahead.

"The problem is, we have a uav up, a predator drone, but the only thing controlling it is this mouse and keyboard. We simplified the controls, but you need to be able to jump between modes so you may end up allowing the vehicle to fly by itself while you operate it's weaponry."

"Now, you'll have to understand that the drone is rather far away so there's a little bit of 'lag' in between what you see and what's really happening..."

I interrupted him right there, "Don't worry about it, I got this."


it was a day dream. It's interesting how the military and video games have found a meeting point with unmanned aerial drones.

It's no wonder that America's worried about other countries hacking our systems, never mind building your own army, just take over the one your trying to invade.

That's a scary thought, but what a great video game idea.


The hitbox lag is a joke about Battlefield 2. The game has a poor net code and that's just how it plays:

At first it can be pretty annoying and is a turn off for a lot of gamers, but for some, it's a challenge and feels good when you have a lot of skill.


I went to future shop yesterday. I've always loved shopping there, because that's where you can buy the future.... but at what cost, future shop? What cost?

Tomorrow will come and we'll be like, where is it? Oh yeah... we sold it... in a shop.

at the future shop.

I got myself an 80 dollar headset for 20 bucks!


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