Saturday, December 13, 2008


if you could would you ever install memory chips in your head so your memory never slips?

I've been enjoying this ask500 site a lot, and asked this question recently. It's been an interesting subject to me because I don't think we are that far off.

Other things to think about:

"What would it be like if you had a calculator that you could access with your mind, giving you perfect instant mental math every single time?"

"What about GPS? How far will google maps go? Could you get a satellite image of your position uploaded to your mind in real time?"

I don't know if I would do it. In a way, we're already plugged in to computers, recording information that's stored in the computers memory so we don't have to.

Remember a time when you had to memorize phone numbers?

Now we have our phones do that for us. It's not plugged in to the brain, but it's hooked up using our "natural" plug-ins, our eyes and ears.

How long before we're implanting tiny blue tooth headsets in to our ears?

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