Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I stumbled on this, this morning.

I really do hate this kind of crap because once you figure it out, it's just a trick.

No matter what, your getting D. It starts with a math trick, pick any number, you end up with 4, which equals D. There are not a lot of countries that start with the letter D, I think Denmark may be the only one. Then there are not a lot of animals that start with k, and there is only one fruit that I can think of that starts with the letter O.

Although I will say, I picked kitten, then nectarine, and felt pretty proud that I forgot about the most obvious choice, kangaroo.

But the point is that the whole thing is trying to trick you in to believing you picked a random number and you just happen to think the same as everyone else. It's stupid, I hate when people try to play tricks on you.

I hate when I got to the grocery store and see something labeled 2 for 4$, that if I just buy one, it rings up 2$...

Why didn't they just price it at two dollars then? They're trying to trick you in to buying two.

Bad business practice... this day and age, companies really need to "win people over" especially with the fact that a lot of customers have an easy option to get digital products for free. You have to treat your customer like your friend, and help him/her get your product easily, and not with so much confusion.

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