Thursday, July 17, 2008

9702: I liked this blog better when my life was boring

It was a place where I could put down my thoughts, think outside the box and show my ideas.

Now all I can think about is Women.

I know Amanda might actually read this, and I hope you know that I still care for you. I care for you enough that I want you to be happy with other people.

I've been going through my ups and downs too, and while I miss the stability, I have a feeling that this is something that I needed to help myself.

I'm sorry if your mad at me, and your going to be here soon and it's going to be awkward as hell.

you'll probably be reading this after we separated our account and I hope you know why I have to be cold in this situation. I know it hurts but in the end I'm confident we'll be better people from this.

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