Monday, July 28, 2008

9713: getting off the roller coaster

Crazy weekend. I probably could have drank less, but I was planning on getting plastered and that's what I did. Seeing Amanda and Matt together was more awkward then expected. In time, everything will be fine, but I'm alone now and I can't help my natural instinct.

I'm happy that I was able to maintain some level of composure even if I said too much at times.

I've been like an open book lately. I just stopped caring. The last line that I have yet to cross is putting everything that I write online. I think I will eventually, it should make for a good read.

Team Ramrod was once again, the loud drunk team. We bellowed our anthems, waved our flags, drank hard, and paddled with strength, determination and drive.

I am so sore right now. The night before last, I slept under the stars. Probably one of the most surreal experiences of the summer. Whenever the mosquitoes weren't bugging me, I'd sneak a peak and finally get a moment just to stare at the majestic stars in all their glory.

I know, I'm a geek, but I just can't help but marvel about the big picture once in a while.

I'm taking a break from dating for now to get my life in order, but when I get back in the saddle, I'll probably be looking for someone that can appreciate star-gazing.

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