Tuesday, July 8, 2008

9693: community website idea

I was thinking of this website idea for apartments where there isn't already a system in place.

It could be just like a facebook app or something where it's completely optional for anyone in the neighborhood to sign up, and there can be preset programs for organizing sporting events, activities and so on.

There could also be a favor bank where people did favors for one another. Maybe earning points or whatever. All the gamers would love it,

10 exp points for mowing mrs. smith's lawn, congrats, you leveled up.

A lot of great things could be done with something like this, like keeping people advised on crime in the area, for instance.

"grey bike stolen off the corner of such and such"

I was also thinking, for places that get a lot of noise complaints due to thin walls, they should have an audible reader so you can see how much noise your making. This allows the landlord to have a restriction on how many decibels you can put out. This is good for the tenants because then there is a set limit on how much noise you can make, instead of varying from one persons tolerance level to another.

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