Tuesday, July 29, 2008

9714: write, right?

Life is strange when you try to live it in an interesting way for the sake of good story telling.

Why are we here anyways? Maybe we were created for entertainment. It sure seems like it sometimes.

So, yeah, maybe I fucked myself in to a pickle, whatever, someones probably getting a kick out of it somewhere.

Or maybe we're just a random spark in the middle of empty space for no reason whatsoever... right....

An agnostic view is a very strange one. Where everyone else has stability and is certain they know what's going on, I have a big question mark over my head. Some people see it as lack of decision making, but I see it as we're all swimming in a sea of chaos and confusion and the Agnostic's are the only ones brave enough to admit it.

It's all been said before...

For me, right now.... Writing has been so much more healthy then anticipated. Journal, diary, blog, whatever. I had so many misconceptions, how people just do it for attention or it's a "chick" thing, or it's childish. When the reality is that it puts your life in to perspective. It gives you a moment to think about and record your life. Putting them online for the world to see, even if no one reads it, is healthy in many different ways. It's hard to describe, so all I can do is highly recommend it.

Especially if your life is a cluster fuck.

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